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Executive Coaching

What is Executive & Leadership Coaching?

Executive coaching mid to upper level leaders who are focused on mastering leadership skills which are necessary for leading and influencing other people. Our clients choose coaching for their personal success and for the benefit of their organisation. All practices and learning assignments focus on the workplace and outcomes are linked to goals valued by the organisation. Client’s who need executive coaching are in situations where they’ve recently been promoted, are engaged in large scale change, experience new political dynamics, feel burned out or have reached a personal plateau. Clients or their organisations initiate coaching after realising that traditional training or other development methods do not meet their needs.

Being a leader is more than just being capable, you need to look and feel the part. This does not mean you have to be a born a star leader, these are skills that you can acquire if you set your mind to it. There are three behavioural traits that all executives should possess, focus, power and warmth. After analysis of yourself , should you feel you need to get better in one or all of these areas you may engage the services of an executive coach.

How An Executive Coach Can Assist :


Leaders need to be able to shift their focus from themselves to others in order to be believed and gain respect. A coach can share his tools on how to gain attention, confidence and focus with his clients. An executive needs to be rid of self-doubt and negative self talk, a coach can assist in replacing it with high self-esteem and confidence of being able and willing to lead. If you need help to believe in yourself, it would be a good investment to look for an executive coach who deals in the area of executive presence. Our coaches can help you create a charismatic mental state to help you project credibility.


The physical aspect of power means you need to look and dress like a leader. Executives need to dress well to make a good impression on his team and carry himself out with boardroom élan. A coach can advise you on the psychology of colours and styles to find which gives out the aura of authority and trust. Sometimes all you need to enhance your executive presence is a powerful leadership dressing style, a new haircut or cologne that gives a subtle signal of your power. A coach teaches his clients subtle body gestures. The other person gauges your power dynamics


Executives need to be able to portray warmth in the workplace to enhance their ability to enjoy work. However, emotions such as excitement and anger need to be placed on the backburner while executives need to strive towards being calm in any situation. When a person is balanced on the inside it is so much easier to command a presence on the outside. An executive coach can guide and convert negative energy to goodwill towards colleagues. Being able to control your emotions is essential to being a great leader.

“Remember leaders are not born they are created over time, isn’t it time you create yourself.”