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Life Coaching

Life isn’t always easy with its many challenges that we face, when this happens it’s refreshing to know that there is help available and we don’t have to face those challenges alone. If you need someone with knowledge and experience who can hold your hand and take you through these challenges, life coaching is perfect for you. At Success Focus we believe that everyone deserves to achieve the goals they set for themselves. Our mission is to make them capable of achieving these goals, break through their barriers and live a more fulfilling life through effective, non-judgmental support. Read more

Student and Scholar Coaching

In High School students have a seemingly endless number of career options, however this can sometimes confuse and cause disillusionment for a teenager. Our student and scholar coaching help them determine their best career fit, which allows them to apply to the right colleges, pursue their best major and select the right courses. As a college student the choices you make will directly impact the success you experience in the future. Our individual coaching programs will help you identity and prepare for an ideal career. Read more

Career Coaching

Our individual assessment helps our clients evaluate a wide range of careers factors, talents, aptitudes, interests and more to discover the career that fits them best. In doing so, they will have the following experiences; clarity and confidence in a career choice, meaning and fulfillment, less stress and greater professional success. If you have been in a certain career for a long time and feel a need to change direction, but are feeling anxious, you can consult with a professional career coach who will work with you to re-evaluate, re-focus and reach new professional goals. Read more

Relationship Coaching

Our relationship coaching supports couples who are facing difficulty in their marriage and feel a need to create a happy relationship and to understand their problems in a new light. Coaching helps individuals to make the right decisions in their relationship, it helps them heal past pain and move forward with a renewed energy and be happier in life. Coaching also empowers individuals who are already divorced and want to cope with their emotions and thoughts and manage their new status. We encourage development of inner resources to live a happy and powerful life that supports their dreams, wishes and desires and coaching makes it all possible. Read more

Business Coaching

Most business owners want to grow their business and even though they have a sense of what to do, they still find it difficult to implement and sustain it. A business coach understands this and defines an action plan to achieve these business goals. There are also a lot of young people who are willing to take risks by starting new businesses. They come up with brilliant ideas and just need a coach to guide and mentor them. Our sessions are interactive and inclusive for the busy entrepreneur. We ensure that at the end of the coaching program the business owners have a clear understanding and detailed plan on how to run their business successfully. Read more

Executive Coaching

In essence Executive coaching is about helping leaders tap into their rich potential, authentic sense of power and wisdom. Coaches use tools to help executives and their teams increase self-awareness, identify blind spots in order to make more skillful decisions and experience greater power. We help executives exude courage and confidence, this being central to a strong executive presence. All executives need to be able to communicate effectively, it is important to know when to speak with intent and when to remain silent, a good coach enables executives to do this. Appearance forms the third essential component of executive presence. Coaching assists clients to build a non-distracting polished appearance of themselves. Read more

“We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves.”

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